Meldale Jan 2016

February 7, 2016

It has been damp, hot and very humid in Meldale over January 2016 but for us not much rain.  This has brought out some of the frogs but as yet we have not seen or heard the marsh frogs as they like the ground very wet.

I was lucky to photo an ornate burrowing frog in the garden and an emerald tree frog that has joined us on the deck of the house.  It competes with the big green tree frogs for moths attracted to the window lights at night time.

Dragonflies are plentiful but it is only this week that I have seen my first Blackfaced percher, Chalky Percher and Wandering Perchers of the season and the larger Australian Emperor dragonflies are only just beginning to patrol over the dams. 

Damsels are still seem very sparse with only a few and all common varieties sited on each walk round the garden.  I have seen a few red tipped shadefly (Argiocnemis rubescens) out in the open at the edge of the main dam in the cloudy weather.

It appears we have two bush hens settled on the block as I have seen them a few times as I have been chasing dragonflies while on leave this last 2 weeks. I have also taken a few photos of bluefaced honeyeaters and pale- headed rosellas as they forage in the garden.

I visited Kondalilla Falls at Montville on the Sunshine Coast hinterland last week and was fortunate to see my first Sapphire Rockmaster Damsel while there. Unfortunately it did not stay still long enough to take a photo but just seeing a pair of them was the highlight of the day.

Locations visited



Dragonflies 5 species
Ictinogomphus australis 6 very common 2015-16
Rhodothemis lieftincki 2
Black-faced Percher (Diplacodes melanopsis) 1
Wandering Percher (Diplacodes bipunctata) 1
Diplacodes trivialis 1
Damselflies 1 species
Diphlebia coerulescens 2 one male and one female at Kondilila Falls



Written by

Helen Leonard

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