Kangaroo Island (part 2)

August 30, 2013

Kangaroo Island, situated 15 km off the mainland of South Australia, is the third largest of Australia's islands. The island has beautiful secluded beaches, an impressive rocky coastline and features 27 protected areas covering over 116,000ha (or 25%) of the island. One of South Australia's premier holiday locations, Kangaroo Island also offers some excellent birdwatching.

Flinders Chase National Park encompasses stunning coastal landscapes, vast areas of wilderness and diversity of wildlife. Together with the adjacen Ravine des Casoars Wilderness area it totals some 75,000 ha of protected wilderness on the western end of the island. Koalas and Platypus can be found at Flinders Chase and Brush Turkey and Gang-gang Cockatoo are introduced. Western (Mallee) Whipbird can be heard around Cape Borda, while Cape Barren Geese occur in the field beside the National Parks HQ.

Seal Bay Conservation Park features one of Kangaroo Island‟s premier tourist attractions, with a large colony of Australian Sea-lion. The viewing platform at Seal Bay Conservation Park is a good place for ocean watching, particularly May and October. Western Whipbird inhabits the mallee heath around the Seal Bay car park.

Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park is another well-known spot for Western (Mallee) Whipbird. Hearing them might not prove too difficult, but to see them might appear frustratingly impossible. Osprey often hunts close to shore at Point Tinline, while Wheatons Beach is a good place to observe feeding Rock Parrots. Rock Parrots are mainly observed between January and March, but stay until August; Elegant Parrot is also found here. Western Whipbird lives in the mallee heath bordering the southern section of D‟Estrees Bay Rd, as well as Southern Emu-wren, Shy Heathwren, Purple-gaped, Crescent, and Brown-headed Honeyeater.


Remarkable Rocks, while a very touristy site, is yet another place worth checking for Western (Mallee) Whipbird, early in the morning. Purple-gaped honeyeaters can be found along the track leading away from the sea at the back of the carpark.

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Kangaroo Island



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