Subtropical Lamington Wildlife

September 10, 2012

A few days finding wildlife in southeast QLD

O’Reilly’s and its fascinating history is located where you can get close to wildlife. Sometimes really close.

Some great views of rainforest birds were a highlight, including the fascinating Logrunner and boldly coloured Regent Bowerbird. Alberts Lyrebird and Sooty Owl were only heard.

Red-necked Pademelons and Brush Turkeys foraged around the accommodation, and Wonga Pigeons occupied the picnic tables.

Green Catbird and Paradise Riflebird calls pierced the rainforest canopy walk, and a Carpet Python was seen basking. We immersed ourselves in the ancient rainforests for a while, and had some memorable experiences with the wildlife.

A unique experience with great accommodation and facilities, good food and hospitality, O’Reilly’s will put you close to nature, and keep you comfortable.



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