Fogg Dam is firing!

March 10, 2012

Any time is a good time to visit Fogg Dam, but March would have to be the best. It is only in the late wet season that water is flowing over the road on the dam wall, and this brings the Little Egret, Royal Spoonbill, Pied Heron, Ibis and other waterbirds to the edge of the road…. all lined up to feast on the small fish that get swept over into their waiting bills.

We picked up our guests and drove out to Fogg Dam, and paused at the overflow area of the dam wall. The Little Egrets looked particularly stunning with the nuptial finery. They were madly dashing about, sometimes after fish and also displaying to one another. Royal Spoonbills were scooping fish by the spoonfill, Pied Heron were stabbing around and Glossy Ibis were in on the action too.

Then we continued on to set up lunch at the Pandanus lookout. The scope was set up and gave beginning bird watchers the opportunity to get a good view of individual species while learning about their habits.

Some highlights of the tour included getting a good view of a one metre longYellow-spotted Monitor on the roadside. It is always good to see the occasional monitor that has managed to avoid a deadly cane toad dinner. We also saw a brief appearance of the three metre Estuarine Crocodile that resides in the water hole near the Pandanus lookout.

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