Port Macdonnell Pelagic Nov 2010

November 14, 2010

  • Southern Fulmar : probably a young bird, faded primaries. Bird observed feeding on the slick and present for more than half an hour.
  • White-headed Petrel : two birds identified from photos, observed feeding on slick.
  • Long-tailed Skua : flew up to boat on the way out. Coming quite close allowing good photos. Showing usual characteristics and jizz.
  • Storm Petrels: in smaller numbers than recent trips.
  • Grey-backed Storm Petrel makes another surprising appearance for Nov
  • Birds fed warily early on the slick away from the boat. Feeding picked up around midday.

Boat: "Remarkable"

Observers: Colin Rogers; Grant Penhryn; John Cox; Bill Alcock; Jim Allen; Kev Lobotami; John Berrgy; Teressa Jack; Merilyn Browne; Stuart Hull;

Crew: Mark Moody (Skipper) Jamie Moody (Crew)

Weather: Sky Overcast, Light Showers in the area, Fresh Southerly overnight. (Synoptic situation: High ridging into South of Bight; trough line extending into SW Queensland with Low centred Eastern Bass Strait directing a steady 10-15kt S breeze over SE South Australia.) See chart below.

Seas: Choppy to 2m wind wave, SW swell to 2 m; both abating during the day. Sea Surface Temperature 14ºC measured at sea.

Sailed at 6.45am heading S to (38º 27’S 140º 38’E) in c1200m. Worked slick in area all day before returning to Pt Mac around 3.00pm.

Locations visited

Port Macdonnell Pelagic



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