Grey Honeyeater at Kunoth Bore

September 15, 2010

This year, it was an pleasure to wander through this same wilderness, knee-high in carpets of wildflowers, while low-slung clouds diffused the sunlight and transformed the Mulga into a paradise of colour, fragrance and birdsong. It was more like a Mediterranean woodland in spring, than the Australian outback.

The temperature was an invigorating 12 degrees (the coldest ever September day on record). But it didn't detract from the joy of strolling through meadows of bright purple Mulla Mulla … even better, there wasn't a fly in sight and the birds were clearly enjoying the bountiful conditions just as much as we were.

It still took us several hours to find Grey Honeyeater. Read more...

Locations visited

Just north of Kunoth Bore



Written by

Simon Mustoe

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