Inskip Point

Sunday August 16, 2009

Began with a morning dash to Inskipp Point arriving at about 9am. A quick inspection of a 'usual' place for buttonquails failed but we got some nice views of White-eared Honeyeater and a juvenile Emerald Dove. So we headed up towards the tip of the point and almost as we got to the end, a 4WD passed us on the track and Chris called "buttonquail!"... three Black-breasted Buttonquail proceeded to nervously head across the track after the car had passed. As we followed, a fourth bird appeared but our appearance frightened it back into cover. We got a couple of quick photos then let him be but just across the track we could hear another scratching the leaf-litter, so sitting completely still just off the track we waited and a male walked right up to us, stopping now and again to spin on the spot, raking leaf litter into deep platelets. A little further in and the two females were under some casuarina so we adopted the same tact and they too eventually walked straight past us, though a little more sheepishly...but great photos again. What a morning!




Written by

Simon Mustoe