Herdsman Lake

Herdsman Lake is one of the best lakes to visit in Perth as it has a good diversity of birds.  You can spend as little as half an hour at the south end or up to a full day visiting all the sites.  It is a large lake about 2.5km north / south by 2km east / west with some deep areas of water and large areas of typha reeds.  Beware of Tiger Snakes which are fairly common even on the lawns in late spring and summer. Here you will see more birds in one day then if you visited 5 other lakes. You can find all 3 species of grebe and ibis here in one day. Ducks, spoonbills, egrets, pelicans, crakes, water hens and herons. Raptors, teals, swans and in summer a good range of shorebirds too. In 2010 there were good sightings of Red-kneed Dotterels and Pectoral Sandpipers. White-fronted Chats were comon also.

Getting There

Herdsman is easily accessible by car.  Keep an eye out for Tiger Snakes in the area, as they are very common around the lake.

GPS Coordinates 31°55.206′S, 115°48.312′E


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