Just north of Kunoth Bore

Kunoth Bore is a famous location for Grey Honeyeater but the usual area was burnt five years ago. This is now a better spot to see the bird as the Grey Mulga is in really good condition. There are two types of Mulga, “Grey” and “Desert”.

Getting There

Kunoth Bore was burnt a few years ago and the area that was once touted as the place to see Grey Honeyeater may no longer be as good as it was. There is however, habitat very nearby. Kunoth Bore is situated on the Tanami Road, a left turn off the Stuart Highway not far north of Alice Springs. It's bitumen all the way. The bore itself is marked by a wind mill and the original track to the left is signposted to Hamilton Downs Road. If you carry on 1.5 – 2km past this turning, there are passing points across floodways. We parked at the second of these but then walked about 1.5km further west.

GPS Coordinates 23°31.212′S, 133°33.558′E


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