Bird Watching in My Back Yard

It's perhaps curious that Alzheimer's Australia has just this week launched a book called Bird Watching in My Back Yard.

David Galbally, President of Alzheimer's Australia Vic explains, "its concept brings together a simple, low impact activity with a great excuse for kids of all ages to get active outside, to explore, have fun and learn about the bird life thriving in our own back yards."

Alzheimer's Australia's national dementia risk reduction program, Mind your Mind, encourages people of all ages to remain physically, mentally and socially active throughout our lives as this may reduce the risk of developing dementia later in life. Bird watching as an activity for anyone, let alone people with dementia, is a way to keep minds active and socially engaged.

"It is estimated there are 16,000 people under the age of 65 living with dementia in Australia ... and even people as young as 30 years old are suffering from the disease. The purchase of this eBook will assist in providing vital support to those impacted," says Alzheimer's Australia Vic Chief Executive Officer, Maree McCabe. Seven dollars from every sale will go towards supporting Alzheimer’s Australia Vic’s Younger Onset Dementia program

It's also a great low cost way for kids to learn about birds and to interact with their families. Author Ron Smith says "it's a conversation piece .. it's designed to be printed out, cut up and used as project material".

The book's set out with information about the importance of birds in our environment, where to look for birds in your garden and useful background information on 24 of the most common. There are some projects for kids to do and a bit of handy advice about using and caring for binoculars.

Bird Watching In My Back Yard $19.95 available from Alzheimer’s Australia Vic